We offer customized hosting for companies that have to rely heavily on their operation-crucial IT systems. Our one-stop solutions and the matching technology with an optimal cost-benefit ratio make your systems run smoothly.

Our service is matchlessly efficient, because we consider the capital expenditure of our customers like no other solution provider. We live the very identity of our services day and night, what is shown by our 24/7 support and other benefits. We also offer no standard systems, each system is specially tailored for each customer.

Systems that are crucial for a company and have high demands on uptime and quick response times need a very performance-capable overall architecture, because only this can ensure maximum possible security. FHE3 is specialized in operating high-load and high uptime systems with extreme high demands on response and processing times.

We use our years of experience and our entire know-how to serve our customers and we maintain sustainable as well as successful partnerships.

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