As a solution provider we assume the operating responsibility of complete IT services and offer guaranteed uptimes. Our full service managed hosting is tailored to each company individually and no shared systems are employed. At FHE3 each customer gets his own system.

Here you get reliable one-stop solutions that are adjusted to the needs of the market, with a partner who is available twenty-four-seven. The fast and direct availability of our experts makes it possible to meet the highest standards.

About us

For the customer – for the efficiency

We assure and support the growth of companies with company-crucial IT systems. The way our customers grow is the way we grow, too. We create special solutions and also develop new locations, just in terms of our optimal customer-orientation.

FHE3 maintains more than 500 physical servers and has over 2500 virtual servers in use. 25000 services are monitored actively with colocation centers in Frankfurt/Main and other locations.

Since the formation in 2007 in Karlsruhe the focus of the FHE3 GmbH is on a partner-like co-operation with its customers. The specialization in customized and high-available IT solutions is in the blood of the three founders. The joint projects and many years of experience at Europe’s biggest web hosting company are the bedrock for the matchless service that Michael Feger, Dimitrij Hilt und Peter Eisenhauer offer their customers today.

Heads and Facts

Michael Feger
network and infrastructure

Michael Feger

  • Trailblazer of automatized installations of dedicated servers
  • Since 1999 in the hosting and server industry
  • Had determining influence at 1&1 on leading and developing colocation centers
  • Developed an individualized linux distribution
  • Responsible for the system structure of the single FHE3 colocation centers
  • Founder and executive partner of FHE3
  • In charge of the network and infrastructure sector at FHE3

Whether dedicated servers, virtual machines, applications, data or further objects – the basis is an optimally planned and structured architecture/infrastructure of colocation centers and networks. To me, this is the essential condition for operating with an uptime of 99,99%.“

Dimitrij Hilt
operative management

Dimitrij Hilt

  • Expert in conceptualizing and realizing cluster solutions and adept in high availability architectures
  • Since 2000 in the hosting and server industry
  • Developed at 1&1 an international online payment system on the basis of the VISA PCI Standards
  • Founder and executive partner of FHE3
  • In charge of the operative management sector at FHE3

Our standard is quite simple: With FHE3 we want to be a troubleshooter and development partner for our customers. Our focus is on taking care that their systems as a crucial unit of their business are in the safe keeping of FHE3 and that we can ensure fail-safe operation at the same time.“

Peter Eisenhauer
finances, administration, marketing and sales

Peter Eisenhauer

  • Expert in system design and software development in C/C++/Perl and Java/J2EE environment
  • Since 1999 in the hosting and server industry
  • Designed at 1&1 a DNS system among others for more than 6 million domains
  • Lead many big projects as head of department
  • Founder and executive partner of FHE3
  • In charge of the sectors finances, administration, marketing and sales at FHE3

The field of customized IT systems is exciting and complex as well. We have ventured the step to realize a holistic approach when we established FHE3 in 2007. Now we can offer an optimum consulting on all levels and we can combine our competences perfectly.“




Equinix Inc. (NASDAQ: EQIX) connects more than 4000 companies with partners and customers all over the world through its high-performance colocation centers with the largest network offer worldwide. Currently many big business concerns as well as providers of cloud and network services, digital media and financial services use the Equinix Interconnection Platform in 31 strategic markets in North and South America, EMEA and the Asia-Pacific area. Through the direct connection with their strategic partners and end-users the customers of Equinix build a dynamic business ecosystem in the colocation centers. These interconnected business ecosystems enable companies to optimize the performance at the provision of their contents and applications and to secure their important digital resources effectively.

For further information

Delta Computer

Reference Customers


“No matter what challenge we face, FHE3 has the right answer for our requirements in terms of high availability and high performance at scale. This is essential in our business and exactly what we need from a partner we can trust. It’s always a pleasure to work with your team.” Markus Plattner (CTO QUISMA)

Billiger Mietwagen

“Als Betreiber eines Mietwagen-Portals sind wir auf eine zuverlässige und 100% verfügbare IT-Systemlandschaft angewiesen. Wir arbeiten seit 2011 mit der FHE3 zusammen und sind immer wieder beeindruckt von der Professionalität, Einsatzbereitschaft und Leidenschaft mit der unsere Systeme betreut werden. Einen besseren Partner können wir uns nicht vorstellen.” Mirko Giese (CTO Silvertours)


“Mit FHE3 verbindet uns seit deren Gründung eine langjährige und sehr enge Partnerschaft. Von Beginn an haben wir für die Betriebsverantwortung unserer Systeme auf die Expertise, dem Engagement und die Erfahrung von FHE3 gesetzt. Die Basis hierfür bildet eine vertrauensvolle und kooperative Zusammenarbeit in Kombination mit der Gewissheit, dass unsere unternehmenskritischen Domainprodukte auf einer Serverplattform unter professionellen Bedingungen betrieben und weiterentwickelt werden und so unsere führende Stellung als weltweit operierende Domain-Handels- und Monetarisierungsplattform sichern.” Alexander Röthinger (CTO Sedo GmbH)


“As an innovative company looking to disrupt the Out-of-Home Adverstising market, we have been trusting in FHE3 to provide us with their specialised knowledge regarding operations and monitoring from the start. This reliable partnership has given us the required security ever since the launching of our DooH platform. Our goal is to enable targeted, programmatic advertising at scale, and FHE3 provides us valuable assistance, for ex. by monitoring our outgoing advertising campaigns as well as supporting us with the constant development of our cloud-based system environments. Thanks to this cooperation we steadily advance toward our goal, successfully rolling out to more and more markets.” Keni Bernardin (CEO livedooh)