The service of FHE3 is exclusively geared to the needs of each single customer. Extremely high demands on response and processing times are our specialty, and we ensure that your systems can meet these demands without any problems. We make sure that your IT systems run smoothly by offering the full package of individual solutions in the following areas:

  • Operation of high-load and high uptime solutions
  • System administration
  • System development
  • System architecture
  • Private Cloud
  • Monitoring
  • Backup

The maintenance of server systems are as well a part of our service portfolio as building up colocation centers or proactive monitoring of existing server systems including comprehensive support services.


More speed, more security, more flexibility

The fields of activity of FHE3 are as numerous as the branches that benefit from our customers. Online marketing tools for example, just like real time bidding, retargeting, adserver and tracking underlie the demand on high uptime and very quick response times. The efficiency of these tools is very dependent on high-performance overall architectures – and FHE3 operates exactly such systems. We apply own developments as well as customary standard solutions that are adjusted to the respective demands.

Linux based systems, internet based services and protocols are technology sectors which we do not only manage in our daily routine but which we have co-created across sectors through our expertise and we shape them further on. The possible scalability of these systems and services is always a focus of our work, because this way we ensure that the success and the growth of your company won’t be obstructed by IT processes.

Your benefits:

  • Maximum security (uptime level 99,99%)
  • Provision of additional capacities in a minimum of time
  • Flexibility through international colocation centers and development of new locations
  • Optimized capital expenditure through individual solutions

Service and Support

Personal, fast and direct

FHE3 acts with the self-understanding of an outsourced specialty department. Only this way our high quality standards can be implemented reliably.

  • Reaction times 30 minutes within and 60 minutes outside business hours for direct technical support
  • 99,99% uptime for the overall infrastructure
  • Comprehensive 24/7 support

Our customers are supported only by our own highly qualified professionals. The personal, direct and especially quick contact between our experts and your company ensures the best service possible and the optimum support for your individual demands.


The following technologies are a sample of tools that we apply currently to meet the individual standards of our customers successfully.

  • Specially developed linux distributions are the basis
  • Web servers like Apache, Nginx
  • Application servers JBoss and Tomcat
  • Relational database systems like MySQL/MariaDB
  • NoSQL databases like Cassandra, MongoDB, Couchbase
  • BigData systems like Hadoop (HDFS)
  • Monitoring system Nagios/Icinga, Graphite/Graphana